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Introduction of activated carbon | What is Activated Carbon?Recycling use of activated carbon

Recycling use of activated carbon

Granular activated carbon with lower adsorption characteristics is recycled for economic efficiency and environmental protection.

Most of the materials adsorbed in the activated carbon are organic compounds. Examples of use for inorganic compounds include activated carbon for gold collection. In this case, adsorption and recycling are performed using aqueous sodium cyanide solution. Organic compounds adsorbed by the activated carbon are evaporated or decomposed at high temperature for desorption.

To recycle activated carbon, it is heated at a temperature of 800°C – 1000°C, which are similar to the conditions using in activation.

Kuraray Chemical owns the exclusive equipment for recycling, and we also perform recycling on commission.

Recycling of powdered activated carbon is possible. However, as handling characteristics and workability of powder are not good, recycling is not done in most cases, with the exclusion of powdered activated carbon used for brewing.

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