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Anode Material for Lithium-ion Battery KURANODE™

Main Feature of KURANODE

KURANODE is anode material classified in hard carbon, used for lithium-ion battery.
It is made from ecofriendly natural plant as raw material.
Hard carbon including KURANODE has better input and output performances,
cycle performance and low temperature performance than graphite which is broadly used as anode material.
Moreover, KURANODE has cost competitiveness and good handling property (less moisture absorption) in
comparison with traditional hard carbon.

  • Strong Benefit of
    Hard Carbon

    Input and Output Performances

    Cycle Performance

    Low Temperature Performance

  • Further Benefit

    Cost Competitiveness

    High Moisture Resistance
    (water based binder is usable)

  • 1

    Especially suitable for applications requiring regeneration capability
    such as automobile use.

  • 2

    Suitable for anode materials not only lithium-ion battery (LIB) but also lithium-ion capacitor (LIC) or sodium-ion battery (SIB, NaIB)

  • 3

    Usable with water based binder (e.g. SBR/CMC) as well as solvent based binder (e.g. PVDF) thanks to its high moisture resistance.

Low Temperature Performance

  • Cathode: NCM
  • Cell: Laminate type
  • Measured by Kuraray
  • Charge rate property at -20℃

    Charge rate property at -20℃

  • Discharge rate property at -20℃

    Discharge rate property at -20℃

charge and discharge
even under severe conditions
(low temperature and high rate)
under which graphite
can not do.

Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization

  • Cathode: NCM
  • Cell: Laminate type
  • Temperature: 25℃
  • Plotted maximum input/output pulse power for 10s of each SOC
  • Measured by Kuraray
  • Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization

  • Input and Output

    are superior
    to graphite which is commonly
    used as anode material.


Grade Type1 Type2
Average Particle size D50 μm 9 9 5
Specific Surface Area m2/g 4 4 6
Interlayer spacing d002 nm 0.38 0.38 0.38


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