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About UsOur Mission

Ecology & Amenity

Maintaining a desirable environment with a clean water & air with use of advanced activated carbon technologies is our mission.―――

We started our carbon business activities with "Ecology & Amenity" as our business theme. As we make a progress in carbon surface optimization technologies, we are committed to the global environmental improvement and resource sustainability.

Contribution to clean water, air & green energy

We at Kuraray intend to contribute to the human health & welfare as well as environmental improvement and resource sustainability with the use of the high performance activated carbons.

Contribution to clean air

Kuraray's activation technology makes it possible to create, at will macropores, mesopores, and micropores that cannot be seen even by electron microscopy. Preciously tailored pores can adsorb molecular & atomic level contaminant gases. Kuraray's technology is used in auto pollutant gas removal, incinerator pollutant gas removal, at home & office air filtration and solvent recover system at factory.

Contribution to Clean Water

Kuraray's technology contributes to water treatment facilities by removing mold odor and trace amount of VOC contaminants as defined in various water quality standards though use of preciously developed and manufactured activated carbons.

Often at home use, water needs to be purified in less than 1 second of contact time to remove chlorine, odor & impurity. Our activated carbon technology makes it possible in a situation like this.

Contribution to Green Energy

Electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC) can charge & discharge in very short time. It has excellent input/output power characteristics together with long life characteristics. The use of Kuraray's precision carbon surface control technology has been made it possible in electrode development. Our carbon contributed to higher carbon surface area, higher capacitance & higher output for supercapacitor development. Kuraray's fine micron carbon technology has been contributing to the present and future development of higher capacity supercapacitors & to green energy.