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Our ProductsActivated carbon KURARAY COAL™ Products

Granular Activated Carbon(Gas & Vapor Phase)

Coconut shells and coal are used as raw material.
Crushed, granular, and pellet (cylindrical) shapes are available for any requirement.

GradeCharacteristicsTypical application
General natural gas adsorption Use
  • The activated carbon sizes can be selectable based on the application needs: i.e. granular mesh sizes or pelletized.
  • Generation of powder when in use is suppressed due to its hardness.
  • Cigarette filter
  • Filters for deodorizing
  • Gas mask、Masks for deodorizing
  • Deodorant for sealed storage such as refrigerator or cupboard
  • Air purification for house, car, or vessel
  • Removal of odor and toxic gas
  • Purification of source and produced gas
Solvent Recovery Use
  • Macropore and micropore charcoal are available according to the type of solvent, considering adsorption, desorption, and catalytic performance.
  • Solvent Recovery
    Toluene, Xylene, N-Hexane, THF, Acetone, CO2, Cyclohexanone, MEK, MIBK, Trichloroethylene, Perchlorethylene, Methylene chloride
  • Removal of general toxic and noxious- odor gases.
Catalyst Carrier Use
  • High purity and hardness facilitates long-term stability.
  • Can be handled for both fixed bed and fluidized bed.
  • Carrier for synthetic reaction of vinyl acetate, cyanuric chloride, Phosgen
  • Reaction Catalyst of Trichloroethene, perchloroethylene
  • Various types of catalyst carrier
For gas separation purification
  • Excellent gas separation ability due to the highly developed micropores.
  • Suitable for adsorption of low concentration and low boiling point chemical compounds.
  • Also suitable for adsorption of specific substances in liquid phase.
  • Adsorption of gold and phenol in separation, and purification in liquid phase, such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide
Desulfurization gas use
  • Activated carbon can be used for physical adsorption and chemisorption, e.g., as an oxidation catalyst. Effective for both high and low concentrations.
  • Removal of sulfurous acid gas and hydrogen sulphide in exhaust gas
  • Removal of odor gas generated in public waste disposal facilities
  • Separation and removal of ozone
For acid gas removal
  • Suitable for removing acid gas, such as hydrogen sulphide
  • Air purification filter
  • Removal of odors generated in sewage water, treatment plants for human waste, and sewage disposal facilities

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Granular activated carbon (Liquid & water phase)

GradeCharacteristicsTypical application
For water purification
  • Coconut shell activated carbon has good characteristics, high purity, and sufficient hardness.
  • No fine particles generated during use.
  • Can be reused by regeneration.
  • Removal of musty smell in tap water, COD compounds, and THM
  • Removal of ABS in water, phenol, foul odor and taste substances, and coloring matter
  • Dechlorination of drinking water, pure water, or industrial water, removal of organic matter
  • Water purifier, chemical compounds for water purification
  • Tertiary treatment of sewage water and waste water from industrial use
For liquid phase purification
  • Coconut shell activated carbon with high adsorption capability and purity
  • Good for adsorption of minor components due to well-developed micropores.
  • Can be reused by regeneration.
  • Decolorization and purification of industrial chemicals, intermediates or F&B products.
  • Treatment of minor organic impurities in liquid phase
For purification and decolorizzation of liquid phase
  • The macro pores of this carbon are suited for removal of colors.
  • Especially good in decolorization of highly concentrated solution.
  • Both caustic soda and baking recycling are possible.
  • Decolorization in food industry, such as amino acid, brewing, monosodium glutamate, glucose, sugar, syrup, gelatin, etc.
  • Decolorization and purification of industrial chemicals, intermediates or F&B products.
  • Decolorization of cleaning solvent
  • Decolorization of waste water

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Powdered activated carbon

GradeCharacteristicsTypical application
For water purification
  • Wood-based powdered activated carbon, which has the characteristics of activated carbon according to application
  • Removal of musty smells, humic substances, COD compounds, THM, and synthetic detergents in tap water
  • COD removal and decolorization of waste water
For water purification
  • High performance coconut shell powdered activated carbon for water treatment
  • High level removal of mold smell, humin, COD, THM and etc. in drinking water
For general decolorization purification
  • Coconut shell powdered activated carbon, which has the characteristics of activated carbon according to application
  • Decolorization and purification in food industry
  • Decolorization and purification of chemicals and intermediates for industrial use
  • Decolorization of solvents for cleaning
For purification and decolorizzation of liquid phase
  • Powdered activated carbon suitable for decoloration with well-developed pores from micro to macro level
  • Suitable especially for decoloration of high cconsentration liquid
  • Decoloration of amino acid, MSG, glucose, sugar, syrup, gelatine and etc. used in food and brewing industry
  • Purifiation and decolorization industiral chemicals and intermediate
For water purifier
  • Coconut shell powdered activated carbon suitable for chlorine and VOC removal in drinking water
  • Raw material for water purifier carbon block
For dioxin removal
  • Selected carbonaceous material is used and manufactured by the steam activation method, so it is good for safe ignition.
  • Removal of dioxin

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Special activated carbon

Functional activated carbon to which special treatment is applied to improve its general function

GradeCharacteristicsTypical application
For basic gas removal
  • Removal of basic gases such as ammonia and trimethylamine for use in air purification.
  • Air purification filter
  • Deodorizer
  • Removal of odors generated in sewage water, treatment plants for human waste, and sewage disposal facilities
  • Septic trucks
For water purifier
  • Activated carbon impregnated with silver with antibacterial properties which is widely used in filters for water purification.
  • Prevention of generation of general bacteria in a water purifiers
  • Decay prevention in retained water and in cyclic water
For water purifier
  • Absorption agent of coconut shell activated carbon and lead remover blend for removal of dissolved lead in drinking water
  • Filter media for water purifier

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our different types and grades available to various applications.

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