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Our BusinessActivated carbon business

Carbon Materials' business of Kuraray is based on activated carbon.
KURARAY COAL™ is one of the most reliable brand in Japan.


Since the start of business in 1965, Kuraray is one of the world’s leading manufactures of the activated carbon, who has served in various markets both in daily goods and industrial applications.

With multiple production locations, we offer a comprehensive range of the products mainly made from coconuts and coal sources. In Japan, R&D center is located next to Tsurumi plant, our mother plant, which allows us to keep providing innovative and customized products to the market.

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The advantages of activated carbon business

Our batch-type, fluidized bed reactor produces high-quality activated carbon.

We use our own unique, batch-type, fluidized bed reactor, to efficiently produce a stable, uniform, high-quality activated carbon. The operating principle of this incinerator is also found in our proprietary batch-type fluidized reactivation furnace, used to reactivate used activated carbon for economical reuse.

Our unique technologies adjust the diameter and volume of pores on the surface of activated carbon.

Activated carbon granules have lots of pores on their surfaces. By controlling the pores’ diameters and volumes, the performance of activated carbon can be enhanced. Our unique technology and extensive experience enable us to control the diameter and volume of the activated carbon pores, for tailor made meet to the application, allowing us to produce enhanced function activated carbon.

  • Pelletized activated carbon
    Pelletized activated carbon
  • Granular activated carbon
    Granular activated carbon
  • Pelletized activated carbon×3000
    Pelletized activated carbon×3000
  • Granular activated carbon×3000
    Granular activated carbon×3000

Supply ability

Our activated carbon is manufactured by Cenapro Chemical Corp., a joint venture in the Philippines. Our activated carbon based products and manufactured goods, on the other hand, are processed and manufactured in our Japanese plant.

  • Cenapro Chemical Corporation
    Cenapro Chemical
  • Tsurumi Plant
    Tsurumi Plant

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