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Precautions on the Use and Storage of activated carbon

  1. Store the activated carbon away from fire.
  2. Store the activated carbon indoors away from direct sunlight, water, and high humidity.
  3. Pressure changes inside the bag may cause it to inflate and burst, dispersing the activated carbon.
  4. Protect yourself from activated carbon dust by wearing protective devices such as safety goggles, a dust mask, and gloves.
  5. Storing the activated carbon in a transport container, airtight tank, or in a semi- airtight space could create an anoxic (oxygen-free) atmosphere or allow carbon monoxide to accumulate inside the container. Before entering such an environment, devise a safety plan that includes measurement of the oxygen level before entering and provision of adequate ventilation according to the terms of the Industrial Safety and Health Law.
  6. If the activated carbon contacts your eyes, rinse well with water and obtain medical treatment.
  7. When handling impregnated carbon, follow the instructions in the catalog or the relevant SDS (safety data sheet).

Safety data sheet (SDS)

This shows information such as the names of substances contained in products, their toxicity and warnings about usage.

(If you need SDS documents, please contact our sales staff.)