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Introduction of activated carbon | ApplicationsElectrode materials

Electric double-layer capacitor

Electrical energy is supplied to the activated carbon electrode with positive and negative polarities to form an electric double layer on the electrode surface of the activated carbon and the battery is charged. The activated carbon used with this electrode has high efficiency and special fine pore distribution.

As the electric double-layer capacitor does not accompany chemical reaction, it exceeds input/output properties, life, and temperature properties compared to general batteries.

As it uses activated carbon with high specific surface area as the electrode material, it has high capacity compared to general electrolytic capacitors.

By utilizing these characteristics, electric double-layer capacitors can be used as backups of various types of memory, power assist for vehicles and trains, energy regeneration, and for storage in UPS, etc.

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KURARAY COAL™ used for electrode materials

KURARAY COAL™ used for electrode materials are as follows:

Brand name Shape Material Characteristics
YP Powder Coconut shell Raw materials are natural products and its cost performance is high. It has the good low-temperature characteristics.
CH Fiber type Synthetic resin The raw material is a synthetic resin. It is characterized by sharp and fine pores, and low ash.