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Introduction of activated carbon | ApplicationsOthers

The catalyst use and the carrier of a metallic catalyst

Specific surface area of activated carbon is high, therefore activated carbon itself has the performance as a catalyst.For example, activated carbon is used for promotion of reactions, such as a cyanuric chloride and chlorination of tetrachloroisophthalonitrile, as a catalyst.Moreover, activated carbon is used also as a carrier of a metallic catalyst.For example, the catalyst with which zinc acetate is supported on activated carbon is used for the synthesis of vinyl acetate.And, the catalyst with which mercury bichloride is supported on activated carbon is used for the synthesis of PVC.Moreover, activated carbon is used also as an Amoco catalyst.

The activated carbon used as a catalyst is produced by control of pore structure, and metal impurities removal technique.This is for a reaction system to cause neither overreaction nor an abnormal reaction.


Disposable heating pad

The disposable heating pad uses heat generated by oxidation of oxygen in air and iron powder. To control heat and intake oxygen, iron powder and powdered activated carbon with 50% humidity are mixed.


KURARAY COAL™ for other uses

Other uses of KURARAY COAL™ are as follows:

Brand name Shape Grain size(mesh) Application
GC Granular or cylindrical 8×14, 20×42, 32×60, 4 mm φ Catalyst, catalyst carrier
P Powder 100 mesh or less Disposable heating pad